TOP-TECH: The pill

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Every day, the earth's population increases enough to fill a city the size of Venice, Strasbourg, or Freiburg. World population is rising dramatically in spite of the fact that today's society has the pill - something that didn't exist in our grandparents' time. Many people consider the pill to be one of the most important inventions of the modern age. Not only has it provided an effective means of controlling the population, it has had a dramatic effect on culture too.

By allowing women the choice of whether or not to have children, the pill has changed society and women's roles in it. The pill has also drastically altered the way we perceive reproduction, showing us that "our bodies are servants of our minds, rather than vice versa" says Colin Blakemore, professor of physiology at Oxford. "It has contributed to peoples' ability to accept such things as organ transplants, artificial intelligence, and eventually perhaps genetic manipulation."

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