TOP-TECH: The Refrigerator
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Food rots over time because bacteria grow on it. It is a fact of life that, while inconvenient and annoying, we have learned to deal with through the ages. Historically people preserved their food by either salting it so heavily that bacteria could not use it or placing their food in caves filled with ice and snow to slow down the rate at which bacteria could grow.

Refrigerators have made salting and ice caves things of the past. Humans now have the ability to eat their food when it is convenient for them to eat it and not have their meal schedules dictated by food availability at any specific moment in time. Perhaps even more important than the convenience afforded by refrigeration is the distance it now allows food to be carried. Due to the benefits of refrigeration, food grown anywhere on the planet can now be made available in markets across the globe making localized famines far less damaging than they once were.

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